General Consultation Fees

First Visit or Reopen$102.00
Subsequent Visit
(1 Area)
Long Subsequent Visit
(2 Areas)
Non Attendance$40.00
Shock Wave$30.00
New Low-Level Laser Therapy$10.00
  • Normal consultation: around 30 minutes
  • Long subsequent consultation: around 45 minutes

*Please be aware that if you arrive late for your appointment, your consultation session may be shortened accordingly

  • New Bupa and Medibank fee schedule will be effective from 1st Apr 2021. As a preferred provider of both, these policy changes apply to our clinic. Bupa and Medibank cardholders will have different discount rates.
  • Fee for new laser therapy will be charged since 1st May 2019

WorkCover Claims

Initial Consultation$124.00
Subsequent Consultation $97.00
  • If your claim has not been approved yet, you may have to pay out of pocket by yourself first. An invoice will be issued to you and you can make the claim by yourself after it has been approved.
  • After your claim has already been approved, we may be able to do the claim for you without you paying upfront (we will be charging the insurance company directly).

*Please note that all our charges are according to WorkCover Q-Comp Rate

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Initial Consultation 1 area$124.00
Initial ConsultationMultiple area$143.00
Subsequent Consultation1 area$97.00
Subsequent ConsultationMultiple area$169.00
  • MVA service is for individuals who suffered a motor vehicle accident and require physiotherapy sessions as part of the recovery process.
  • The amount and duration of physiotherapy sessions will be determined by the severity of your injuries and the insurance company.

Medicare EPC Program

Initial consultation & subsequent consultations$86.00

You MUST have a valid EPC care plan from your GP in order to use the funding from Medicare

NOT all physiotherapists are bulk-billed. The government funding only covers a part of the normal treatment fee, therefore some physiotherapists will still charge for the gap.

However, we do have some physiotherapists who provides bulk-billing service, which means that there will be no gap/out-of-pocket payment for the consultation – please check with our receptionists if you wish to use the EPC plan with a bulk-billed physiotherapist.

For non-bulk-billing service

  • There will be a gap payment if you see a non-bulk-billed physiotherapist
  • Since the rebate is done by the government, you will have to follow these steps for your payment
  1. Hand us all your EPC care plan, relevant documents, and Medicare card. Please allow enough time for our receptionist to key in all your information
  2. Pay for the full consultation fee with your desire payment method (i.e., card or cash, there will be no surcharge for either payment method)
  3. We will then process the rebate for you online, and the government will be giving you the rebate through direct deposit into your bank account linked to Medicare (If you are not sure which bank account it is, or if you do not have a bank account linked, you will have to contact Medicare by yourself to check/link it)
  4. If you would like a statement for you own record, please kindly request that while you process the payment, so our receptionist can print it out for you, otherwise the statement cannot be reprint after the process has finalized
  5. Allow 3-5 business days for the rebate payment to be made into your account