If I have pain in several parts, can you treat them at the same time?

Only available for MVA, WorkCover, and Bupa clients. In order to achieve the best therapeutic results, our regular treatment time is usually only sufficient to treat one body part.If there are multiple sites to treat, your therapist will make appropriate and final clinical decision on whether and when to treat additional areas (also depending on the availability of untaken sessions). If multiple areas were treated, a higher multiple areas fee would be charged.

Do you accept Medicare bulk bill?

Yes, if you have an EPC referral from your GP, and it only applies to our dedicated Physiotherapist.

Do I need to make appointment to see Physiotherapist?

Yes, please call us to make an appointment, our staff are very happy to help you with it.

Managing your appointment

If you need to change your appointment time or if you would like to cancel your appointment, please let us know 24 hour beforehand, otherwise 40AUD would be charged as a cancellation fee for unattended appointment.

If you were late for 15min or more, your therapist may make appropriate changes regarding your appointment time, including but not limited to, splitting your appointment into 2 parts, or rescheduling, depending on his/her schedule on that day.

Please be aware that being late would negatively impact your treatment (likely others as well), due to insufficient treatment time, especially for those who need treatment for multiple areas.

What languages are the physiotherapists able to speak?

We are able to provide service in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese. It is easier for us to understand your problem with your language.

How long does a treatment usually take?

Our usual initial consultation would take around 30-40min and subsequent consultation usually takes 30 mins. Multiple area treatment or treatment for MVA would take around 45-60min.

Depending on the condition, we may provide 5-10 complimentary minutes for TENS + heat therapy. During this time, the therapist will be handling other work including writing clinical notes, or treating other patient.

Do you do acupuncture?

We do not do traditional Chinese acupuncture but we do dry needling. Dry needling is not acupuncture – it is based on Western anatomy and physiology. It is an invasive procedure using a solid filament needle to penetrate the skin in order to reach a myofascial trigger point within a muscle. It utilizes the anatomical landmarks of the body to locate and treat trigger points relieving a person’s pain and improve overall function.

Is Physiotherapy the same as massage?

No. Soft tissue massage could be one of the many approaches that a physiotherapist would adopt to treat a problem. The other approaches used in our clinic include ultrasound, electrotherapy, shockwave, low level laser, dry needling, and other manual techniques (e.g., Mulligan mobilization), depending on the need of patients.