What is Headache?

Most people discribe headache as a pain around the area of the face, head and upper neck. It can be front, side, back or inside.

Types of Headache

The most common type of headaches we can treat at the clinic are tension headache, temporal headache, cluster headache, frontal headache & majority of migraines.


Due to the linkage of temporomandibular joint to facial nerves and the linkage of upper cervical to brainstem, there are many types of headache can be treated by physiotherapist.

Dos & Don’ts

Usually looking at computer or phone are the major cause of sudden headache, so minimising it and do more neck stretches might help.

Another common cause of headache is stress, so finding a way to manage stress such as meditation, breathing exercises or going out to exercise might help your headache too.

Treatment Options

If stretching & self relieving teachinque isn’t enough to improve your headache. Seeking physiotherapist who specialise in headache might be able to help you. Otherwise, your GP may be able to prescribe some pain medication to manage your headache.