Heel Pain

What is Heel Pain?

When people discribe heel pain, they usually discribe pain underneath or behind the heel.

Types of Heel Pain

The most common types of heel pain are Plantar fascitis & Achillies tendinopathy


At the back of our heel there is a tendon linking our calf muscle to our calcaneus, and underneath our heel there is a plantar fascia connecting between the calcaneus and the forefoot.

Dos & Don’ts

Usually heel pain from achillies tendon & plantar fascia caused by repetitive jumping, running or prolong standing. Therefore, minimising those activity, start stretching the calf will relief the pain.

Treatment Options

If self stretches and release is not enough, seeing a physiotherapist can help diagnosis problem, rule out other conditions and prescribe rehabilitation program. Otherwise GP may prescribe pain medicine, or refer to specialist for corticosteroid injection or surgery.