Hip Pain

What is Hip Pain?

Hip pain can be anything around the front (the groin) or around the back (buttock) area.

Types of Hip Pain

The most common type of Hip pain are muscle pain (such as piriformis, Gluteus or iliopsoas), Hip joint athritis & refer pain from the lower back.


The Hip Joint is one of the most stable joint around the body, with lots of muscle around both deep & superficial. Also the sacroiliac joint is just next door which has close relationship with hip pain.

Dos & Don’ts

Usually Hip pain caused by muscle tightness and weakness, therefore, hip stretches & strengthening would improve pain.

Treatment Options

If self stretches and strengthening is not enough, seeing a physiotherapist can help diagnosis problem, rule out other conditions and specific treatment technique might help. Otherwise GP may prescribe pain medicine, or refer to specialist for corticosteroid injection or surgery.