Treat your shoulder pain @ HOME?

Treat your shoulder pain @ HOME?

Are you searching for save options to decrease your shoulder pain? Let us summarize for you!

Exercises that you can do to decrease pain:



The first exercise you can do is call the Pendulum exercise. The aim of the exercise is to move the shoulder with a gravity minimised position, gets the joint & muscle moving, improve blood circulation, thus quicker recovery.





The second exercise is Isometric Internal Rotation, the word isometric means no movement, therefore, you push against the wall or against your other hand like the picture on the left. And internal rotation means turning inwards towards your body. By pushing for 45s it stimulate hormones for pain relief at the same time we start to strengthen the stabilisation muscles (rotator cuff) as well.






The third exercise you can do is isometric External Rotation. Same principle as above, however we are turning outward this time.




Other options for pain relief:

  1. 24-48hrs after first onset of injury – use Ice Pack
  2. After 48hrs use Heat Pack for pain relief
  3. TENs machine if you have one at home
  4. Pain medication
  5. Light self-massage
  6. Topical agents/ cream (Fisiocream/ voltaren)